5 secrets to have successful anal sex

All the men candidly accept that they love to have anal sex. If we talk about the feelings of anal sex in women, they also love it but they never accept it in candid manner and that’s why men assume that women don’t like it at all. Just like this so many secrets are there that men do not know about anal sex and due to lack of that knowledge, they fail to enjoy it in a great way. Here, in this article, I am sharing 5 secrets about anal sex that only very few people know in detail.

It is easier than assumption: Possibly this is one of those secrets that people do not know at all about anal sex. People have this assumption that intercourse with the back is a complicated job and you will need to apply a lot of force in it. But this is not true and if you can have proper lubrication then even for the first time you can have it without applying any force. In other word we can say proper lubrication is the secrets of successful anal sex in any couple.

Always use condoms: bad odor is one of those dirty secrets that people do not share about anal sex. This is an issue that you can always have while having intercourse with the rear side. However, if you are using a condom, then you will have no reason to worry about the bad smell because condom is easy to sanitize and you will not need to face any bad smell also. This applies even for those people that are not worried about any STD. So, along with other secrets keep this also in your mind while having this fun.

Stimulate the clitoris: If you will check the porn movies, then you will notice that actresses often use some kind of stimulation for clitoris so they can get more pleasure with it. Although they would never share such secrets with you, but you don’t have to depend on their secrets as I am sharing it here. That means when you get involved into anal sex, then use your finger or some small vibrating tool to stimulation the clitoris of your female partner so she can get more pleasure with it.

Stay clean: This is a rule that applies for women and men both to have successful anal sex. If you are not feeling clean and comfortable than secrets or tips would never help you get the best pleasure with it. To avoid this complication or trouble it is extremely important that you keep this thing in your mind and you get clean before involving in the intercourse activity using rectum.

Prepare yourself for it: You can’t have successful anal sex, unless you really want it to happen. The secrets behind this are very simple, just think about it and make your mind that you need to have it in any condition. When you will have this mindset, then you will be able to it easily and you both will enjoy it also in easy ways.

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