So, over the weekend my lady and I used quite a bit of Adam and Eve’s Anal Lube, (not our fist time) and I realized it deserves a review.

What do we think?  It’s a great anal lube! Adam and Eve Anal Lube

It’s water based and relatively thick, thick enough not to be drippy.  It’s also really nice and slippery. The thickness is great if you’re going to be penetrated by large toys and/or penises.  Still very nice though regardless of what you are using.

As I’ve stated before, I don’t normally anything desensitizing, but this lube has just a we bit of desensitizer in the form of Lidocaine.  We both noted that it seemed to make the initial penetration and transition from position to position easier.

So perhaps I’m changing my mind about desensitizers.

One thing is for sure, if you’re new to anal sex, this might be a great lube for you because it can make adjusting to being penetrated easier without numbing you (which can be kind of dangerous).  Plus it would be  a great anal lube without the desensitizer, so it’s really a bonus.

All in all, it’s a great anal lube, one of the ones I recommend.  Astroglide is still kind my old standby, but it’s good for your body and your sex life to change things up.

So, totally get a tube of Adam and Eve’s Anal Lube if you don’t already have some.

We’re now carrying it in the anal-sex-secrets store. (Link goes right to the product)

As always,

To your pleasure!