As promised, here is a great recipe to make your own anal lube at home.

This recipe is not my creation, I learned it from the book “Anal Sex for Couples” by Strong & Gammon, which by the way, I highly recommend, it’s a treasure trove.

Since trying this home made lube it’s easily become my favorite anal sex lube, you’re going to love it.

Since I know you’re eager for the how to, I’ll describe how to make it, then go over the benefits and drawbacks at the end.

What you’ll need.

Ingredients :

  • Vaseline (Note * the Vaseline brand is preferred over generic brands, but there’s not a dramatic difference)
  • Baby oil (Important Note * make sure the baby oil is mineral based, some generic brands are not)


A Pyrex measuring cup.  Pyrex is made to withstand heat (you’re going to heat the mixture), and the measuring graduations are going to come in handy.

Containers to put the finished product into, wide mouth and short is best.  I prefer cleaned out glass jars with tight sealing lids.

What you do.

Place two ounces (approx) into the Pyrex measuring cup and heat in the microwave it until it turns to liquid.  (Note: In place of using a microwave, you can place the Pyrex cup into a pot of water and boil the water). Now add one ounce of baby oil and heat again.  You want to heat it until it is liquid enough to stir.  The ideal proportions are about 2/3′s Vaseline to 1/3 baby oil.

Once the mixture cools close to room temperature, test with your fingers.  Ideally it should be very slick, but still thick enough that it will not run off your fingers.  If it’s too runny, just add some Vaseline and heat and remix, and vise versa if it’s too thick.

The benefits.

This homemade lube is practically perfect.  When made right it’s just the perfect consistency, extremely slick and doesn’t drip.

It’s cheaper than store bought anal lubes.

I think it’s much better for your body, since pre-made lubes for the most part are filled with exotic complex chemicals that can’t be healthy for your sensitive body parts.

I’ve found it seems it will not wear off, it stays on keeps your anal play slippery for as long as you’d want it to.

You can adjust it to make it just the right consistency for your desires.

Draw backs.

You can’t  use it with condoms, it will shred them. (most condoms anyway, I haven’t experimented with non-latex)

There you have it, perhaps the perfect recipe to make your very own home made anal lube!